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Driver Testimonials

Mike Beavers talks about Wil-Trans driver training program
Michelle Harris
Since 2012
Wil-Trans has that small company feel. They genuinely care for their drivers and their families. I have been here for 6 months and they have proven to be loyal. My grandbaby got sick and was hospitalized shortly before Thanksgiving. Even with the holidays and the Christmas freight push, they got me home and checked on her regularly. They didn't push me to get back out, they didn't hold the time off over my head. I felt as though it was my family on the other end of the phone with every call. I only hope I can show them the loyalty and care they have shown me and my family.
Makeem Griffin
Since 2009
For 3 ½ years Wil-Trans has given me the best opportunity to be a part of their trucking family. My fleet manager, Darrel Lake, has a lot to do with it. He has been there for me from day one. Any problems that come up he is right there to solve it. He is always a phone call away. I appreciate that. I’m not a truck # to him. My hometime is great – 4 weeks out and 4 days home with no questions asked. Wil-Trans taught me how to be a successful and safe lease operator. For my 3 ½ years of service Wil-Trans has given me the chance to lease a 2013 Peterbilt 587. The safety department keeps me current with permits and registrations. The log department is truly one of a kind. Mrs. Maryann is an angel and because of her, (I’m not the greatest on E-Logs) I have made dramatic improvement. When you walk into the building or different departments you are greeted with a smile. Wil-Trans you are a class by yourself. Thank you for the opportunity!!!
Luca Caileanu
Since 2007
I have been with Wil-Trans as an Owner Operator since 2007. I am on my second truck now and very happy. No matter what I was going through from personal problems to family problems Wil-Trans got my back. They know me by my name not my truck number. My fleet manager, Jeff Thomas does everything possible to get me home and make money. I am a very satisfied driver.
Dave Broder
Since 2009
I started with Wil-Trans with mixed feelings on what I was getting into. Upon my arrival for training, everyone really put me at ease with how friendly and professional they are. The training process was very thorough and efficient, which gave me the confidence I needed to handle these rigs.

After completing orientation and going on the road with a trainer, Wil-Trans made sure I was compatible with my trainer so there would be no distractions in my learning process. All the bad things I heard from other companies never happened here. My trainer was a first-class person and a great trainer. The staff of dispatchers here are truly a great bunch of people that do care about you, and you’re not just a number with them. They are very respectful when you need to have your home time and they keep you moving, not sitting, waiting on loads.

The safety department makes sure that logs and permits are taken care of. They just stay on top of everything and the service department really makes sure that your truck is well maintained and that you feel comfortable with everything. The owner, Mr. Wilson is a quiet but efficient boss, and he will do whatever it takes for drivers to be safe. I was fortunate enough to be able to lease straight out of training because the instructor and Mr. Wilson felt I was ready for it. Since day one, I’ve made extremely good money and I’ve never looked back. If you want a quality training process and a quality settlement each week, Wil-Trans is by far, a company that I recommend for you.