Wil-Trans: Largest Pay Increase to Date

Strafford, MO - The word is out at Wil-Trans and drivers are reaping the rewards of a job well done. For the first time in the history of the company, drivers are getting a pay package that could top them out at 45 cents per mile. Wil-Trans chose to use a pay model where drivers will earn a base pay of 40 cents per mile. Their base pay will be topped off with a fuel incentive that will be calculated on a per-trip basis rather than being withheld until the end of the quarter. What a huge difference this will make in the individual settlements!

Darrel Wilson, CEO of Wil-Trans said, “Our drivers work hard for our company, and it’s time we show them how much we appreciate their effort.”

In a nutshell, getting paid for what is accomplished each week takes the pressure off of drivers. Seeing immediate gratification in their paycheck keeps drivers motivated to continue the fuel conservation practices they’re taught during onboarding classes.

“At Wil-Trans, we’re always looking for ways to increase a driver’s profitability.” Wilson continues, “When you choose Wil-Trans, you’ll enjoy larger settlements, drive the safest equipment and have steady hometime. From the start, we invest in you. After all, your hard work and dedication keeps us motivated to find new ways to increase your bottom line.”

Learn to love your job again. If you want to run east or mid-east, call Wil-Trans. 888-772-9043. If you prefer to run west, let the recruiter know and they can help you there as well.

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